Getting Back on the Horse

Hey there! So, it’s May in a few days and we know what that means for many college kids – coming home. Sometimes this can be good. Coming home to healthy, stocked fridges with fruits and vegetables. But it can also mean coming home to my parent’s beloved Friday Night Pizza-fest or my Dad’s “want to be healthy so cutting out all carbs and dairy, not eating enough calories and then going to the gym and wondering why he doesn’t keep the weight off” two week speed sessions.

Two years ago, I came back from my first year heavier than ever. I weighed nearly 175 lbs. At 5′ 6″, that’s never somewhere you want to be. After four months of exercising four times a week and tracking everything that went into my body, up to 1400 calories a day (with the exception of one day a week), I managed to shed weight. I was down to 137 lbs by the time I went back to school. Now… I’ve managed to creep back up to 154. No where near as bad as I was … but I can tell it’s all fat. My muscle has gone. It’s not how I want my body to look.

So, this time, I’m going to follow the same plan as two years ago – 1400 calories a day, exercise four days a week, maybe even five. No exercise – ever – on Sunday’s. 8 cups of water a day. 300 calories must be burnt in cardio sessions, each exercise day. A four day split will also accompany my cardio – abs, legs, biceps and back, triceps, shoulders and chest. The goal, this year, however isn’t a weight. I know my body, and I know the look I’m going for will put me around 140 lbs again. Instead it’s body composition. It’s inches, not lbs. Right now I sit at 34.5-28-41. The goal is 33-26-38. That is where my body was when I went back to school. If I could get that hip size down to 37, I would be the happiest bunny in the world. So follow along – I’m sure you’ll enjoy my ups and downs, my food prep, the hikes that I hope to go on. I’ve done it once, I can do it again.


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